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Consulting And Advising

With consultation services we usually meet with a client once or twice for a few hours each time. We will discuss planning, coordinating, arranging or making choices for a day. This service is if you want to make all the arrangements for your own event, but need some specific advice or help getting organized. We can offer you a two- or three-hour “road-map” session in which we get you started and offer you referrals to vendors in your price range. We can offer advice and a list of suitable vendors or locations, then you take over from there.

Planning and Coordinating 

Planning and coordinating services consist of planning beyond the initial consultation. We will help plan for some or all of the event, depending on your needs. Planning and coordinating services are appropriate if you want to make their own arrangements but want plenty of guidance. We will want to spend significant time with you beyond an initial consultation session. We can , create the layout, craft a timeline  and handle all last-minute vendor management

 Day Of


 In this role, we will attend both the rehearsal and the wedding to make sure things run smoothly. We might also attend the reception. As a wedding-day director, we are responsible for making sure all of the vendors fulfill their agreements with the bridal couple and that all the services are coordinated as planned. Having a wedding-day director allows the bride and groom to enjoy the festivities and to have quality time with their families while we attend to the last-minute details. 

Full Service

When providing comprehensive service, we will provide time and expert advice on all aspects of the wedding and reception. We will make all the arrangements directly with the vendors. We deal with the wedding from start to finish, including invitations, rehearsal dinner, the ceremony and reception, decorations, flowers, photography, entertainment, food and beverages, wedding cake, attendants’ gifts and travel. We can serve as an organizer, coordinator, scheduler, creative director, financial planner, supervisor and mediator. We attend to ensure that the ceremony and reception run smoothly. Comprehensive service saves you a significant amount of time as well as stress and money. We can help you stick to a budget, negotiate costs with vendors with whom you have established a good working relationship and find affordable alternatives to original plans if they are cost-prohibitive. Furthermore, comprehensive service makes life simpler for the bride, as you only have one person to call about all your ideas and concerns.


The Best Coordinator!

I don't know where to begin to brag about Ruth. She was simply amazing on our big day. Leading up to the wedding Ruth took care of coordinating with all my vendors and making sure I was at ease. The day of the wedding, she came to my house where myself and the bridesmaids were getting ready just to be sure I felt relaxed and that we stayed on schedule. She even helped a bridesmaid fix her hair and makeup. At the wedding she was simply amazing. She paid attention to every little thing myself and my groom needed. She also checked in with my immediate family to be sure they were happy and to see if they needed anything. There was never a time myself and my husband didn't have a drink in hand. She paid attention to the little things like helping me change my shoes during the reception, making sure hair was out of my face for pictures, etc. I don't know what I would have done without her! Ruth, thank you so much!

Erin Schwing , married on 02/29/2020

Ruth, you are godsend! Thank you so much for everything! Please let me know if you EVER need a reference or anything. 


Loved it...

The wedding planner was amazing. She made my wedding dream come true. Everything was so beautiful and flawless. I couldn’t ask for anything better. She also worked with my budget. My bartender did not show up and she found a replacement in a heartbeat and made everything so smooth, she is very proactive. She is definitely the best. I highly recommend her.

Stephanie , married on 08/30/2020


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